Playful curves

We at Svedholm Design are proud to launch a new exciting series of tables with playful designs and bright colours. The tables, which we have chosen to name Curve after their soft and curved shapes, are made of powder-coated aluminum and are available in any colour upon request. The series consists of seven tables in different sizes and shapes.

If you need a longer table, we can offer you Curve Long, which is available in three different designs - Sun, Leaf and Solid with the dimensions 1000 × 450 mm and a height of 360 mm. The shorter table, Curve Little, comes in two designs - Sun and Solid and has the dimensions 450 × 360 mm and a height of 360 mm.

Curve Square and Curve Circle have a slightly different design compared to the previously mentioned tables; they are symmetrical and slightly higher. Curve Circle has a diameter of 400 mm and a height of 500 mm while Curve Square has the dimensions 360 × 360 mm and a height of 400 mm.



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