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With more than 20 years experience in interior design of hotel quality, our product stand the test of time.

Here you’ll get an insight into Svedholm Design’s world and learn more what others say about our products and us.

Adelina Mehra

Tobin Properties
Project Development Manager
Our customers are willing to try new ideas and are often looking for something extra. The apartments should support their way of life and therefore they should be both smart and be at the forefront of architecture and design.

We have worked with Svedholm Design since project Vintergatan in 2013 when the highly appreciated bathroom furnishings were delivered.

Svedholm Design is present, they deliver in time and get things done within budget.

Since the real world often looks different from the drawing it is an advantage if the supplier is solution-oriented just like Svedholm Design.

Anders Danielsson

Scandic Hotels Group
Quality Manager
We review drawings and ensure that the material quality is adequate for renovations as well as for the new built hotels.

Svedholm Design has been around for more than ten years of our hotel chain’s expansion. We expect a problem-solver in many ways since the architect usually do not have construction experience.

It is essential that the supplier say
- If we do it this way, it will be both better and more cost effective.

Svedholm Design has that knowledge.

Bronwynn Welsh

Doos architects
Owner and CEO
Our clients are property owners and hotel operators.

The collaboration with Svedholm Design began in 2003 with the Hilton Helsinki Vantaa and the table Kolme.

Since we’re familiar with the standard product range we know what we get.

Regarding custom interior design in metal, glass and stone, Svedholm Design provides the technical expertise. They simply know how to put things together to make it work!

They also have an understanding of what the goal is, what the customer wants and they are receptive to both the economic and the aesthetic aspect of the project.

Stefan Kornhammar

Pandox owns and manages hotel properties and works with everything from independent operators to large hotel chains.

During the last decade, Svedholm Design successfully delivered furniture and furnishings for our properties.

By being responsive to our operations, they comply with our high expectations and quality demands in projects.

The longstanding experience in interior design in hotel quality makes Svedholm Design a natural choice.



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