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We take responsibility for our products
and strive for CIRCULAR business

We design and produce furniture and public interiors. Our work often includes stringent, long - lasting materials like glass and metal. The result is sharp and timeless, high-quality products, qualifiers for spaces and interiors that last just as rooms and environments should do. We create products for sustainable choices. Our goal is to reduce our climate footprint and have a long-term sustainable production.

All our production takes place in Sweden which keeps our internal transports to a minimum. Furthermore, the transports we have to carry out are climate compensated. The long-term goal is for all our transports to be climate neutral.

As part of our endeavor to reduce the climate impact of our products, we have introduced a RETURN DEPOSIT scheme. When our product should not remain with you for some reason, Svedholm Design AB then pays a return deposit for it. All Svedholm Design's products except mirrors are covered by our return deposit scheme.

We calculate the size of the return deposit according to the metal recycling price x2 for the day when the product arrives to us. These prices are updated on an ongoing basis by AB Järnbruksförnödenheter; JBF AB
The market for recycled products is growing rapidly. When you return our products to us, it is not only sustainable for the environment, but also a long-term sustainable choice for the future. The most effective way to reduce climate impact is to not manufacture new products but to give existing products a longer life. When the products arrive at our logistics center, we go through them, refresh, repaint if necessary and give them a new life and sell them as refurbished products. New sales include a renewed warranty.

When purchasing our products, we provide maintenance instructions so they have a long life.

For returns, contact us before you book shipping to our logistics center.
The cost of return shipping is paid and booked by the customer.

Curious to know more about Svedholm Design's environmental work?
Contact us for answers to your questions.
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