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About us

Svedholm design AB

We design and produce furniture and public interiors. Our work often includes stringent, long lasting materials like glass and metal. The result is sharp and timeless products ­ qualifiers for spaces and interiors that last.

Way to work

Svedholm Design works closely to you, from idea to delivery. Our competence and few suppliers promote a safe and flexible teamwork, where products and solutions are developed and custom made to fit your needs. If we don't have what you are looking for we are happy to create a product unique to your project. You have our support throughout the process, and you get interior the way you want it.


You are probably an architect, property owner or other manager of a public interior project. But what we know for sure is that you have high standards. Quality is our key to success and we only deliver well considered and durable solutions. We work with a few subcontractors and secure the quality in every link. Through our responsibility we contribute to good and long-term client relationships.


Svedholm Design AB was founded by Jan Svedholm in 1993. The company’s core lies in specialist skills and quality assurance. Everyone within the company have deep experience in furniture and interior design.

People behind

Design / Product development

Jan Svedholm
Phone: +46 708 94 60 08

Administration / Customer service

Simone Svedholm
Phone: +46 737 08 28 70



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