Invest in the environment with our furniture return deposition scheme

New for this year is that we at Svedholm Design are introducing return deposits on our furniture. All Svedholm Design's products except mirrors are covered by our return deposit scheme. When you as a customer choose to send your furniture back to us when it is no longer in use, we will go through it, refresh it and, if necessary, repaint the product to give it a new life. When the product is then sold again, it receives a renewed guarantee of two years. In this way, we can ensure that our products will get a new life and at the same time reduce the amount of waste. We calculate the size of the return deposit according to the metal recycling price x2 for the day when the product arrives to us. These prices are updated on an ongoing basis by AB Järnbruksförnödenheter; JBF AB.

The return of our products through our return deposit scheme is not only sustainable for the environment, but it is also a long-term sustainable choice!

If you want to know more about Svedholm Design's environmental work contact us and we will tell you more about it. We believe in doing our part for the environment which is a step towards the right direction.



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